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IMPORTANT note regarding eBay links - please read

PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:07 pm
by toayoztan
This will only be a temporary announcement, and I'll delete this after a while.

In regards to eBay links - don't do it.

For sale threads that contain eBay links will NOT be allowed on this specific forum section.

Any eBay auctions will need to be posted in the "For Sale Watch" section.

This forum section is intended for items that can be purchased from the buyer at this website/forum, with a stated sale price with or w/o OBO - aka, this is not a section for "highest bidder takes the item" or "make me an offer" as eBay is ran.

Not everyone has eBay, not everyone cares to go through eBay. In addition, try and utitlize the standard template in the sticky from the admin as this will help keep this section clean.

EXCEPTION (this may be modified in the near future, depending on how it goes):
You may post an eBay link to your FS post IF the eBay auction includes the "Buy It Now" option. Furthermore, you STILL must fully disclose the details of the item utilizing the template. Don't be lazy and just post only the link to your auction (and nothing else in the post), despite having a "Buy It Now" option with an already included eBay description.

Lazy = Deleted Post.

If any of you have further suggestionsn or criticism of this update/announcement, by all means, reply to this thread.


Re: IMPORTANT note regarding eBay links - please read

PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:16 pm
by toayoztan
Also, I personally will not be going thru recent posts from the time this announcement was created and see which threads don't follow this rule (other mods probably won't either) - we aren't going to be that anal :wink:

But we will be keeping an eye out on future threads. Member, as always, please use the "report" feature to notify the mods of any threads/posts in general that you have issues with. This will allow you to write a small blurb about what the issue is so we don't have to guess.