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Postby $200GT-4 » Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:39 am

There's some knowledgeable people over there, but they don't post near enough it seems. There's a ton of n00bs over there that can't even change their own spark plugs, the vehicular IQ on this forum seems a bit higher and far less ricey. Back on subject though, I have a silvertop in my wife's car. I thought it felt pretty decent while my supercharged version was blown up, but as soon as I felt that boost again the silvertop seems like a snail. Blacktop's a little better, has lighter internals and a non-reinforced block. Stock for stock blacktop is king, but if you want to get heavy into mods then the silvertop with its heavier internals is the better bet. Silvertop, 10.5:1 CR, 160hp. Blacktop, 11:1 CR, 165hp. I've heard the blacktop will respond VERY well to a standalone and raising the rev limiter, but have never seen it firsthand. Late 4A-GZE, 8.9:1 CR, 10psi stock, 170hp with the torque to back it up. You know where my preferences lie if you've seen my build. N/A sounds sweet as can be but it doesn't outweigh the pull of a boosted engine in my book. Any "A" series engine will bolt in place of another, it's up to you to sort out the accessories and wiring. Just remember if it bolts to the block it's compatible. "FE" and "GE" series heads are where the differences lie. I've gotta say though, having driven a silvertop and 3S-GE, the 3S is hands down the better engine. That extra 200cc is all the difference in the world, so much more torque. Mind you this is all JDM crap, I don't know if the USDM 3S-GE was weaker than its JDM counterpart, just my $.02.
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