89 convertible swap???

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89 convertible swap???

Postby celicaaddict » Mon Feb 05, 2007 9:06 pm

im new to this site,so ill introduce myself my name is dominick and im from ny,i 1st had a 88 celica automatic...that was wrecked ...then i got an 89 alltrac from a junkyard n put it back together (doors fenders n lights n wheels)
ran great after i put a centerforce dual friction clutch in it..
then a year later i got on it from 1st to 2nd n i got a ton of white smoke fill up in the car and it wouldnt start...so i left it for 30 mins and it started right up ....i didnt have time to look into it cuz i was working so i put it my yard for a while n my mom forced me to sell it for like 1300 running fine btw.....now i have the 89 black convertible...but i miss my alltrac ....so my plan is to make my 89 convertible into a turbo swap..

.I added the rear spoiler/wing from a regular gt.looks nice with the convertible...anyways does anyone know where i can get the alltrack sideskirts and bumpers??
Or any other kits than that damn "kaminari" that are everywhere out there and obtainable?

Also i was thinking of swapping it with an alltrac motor n making it a turbo convertible :) does it bolt to the gt non turbo tranny?
i would need to change the wiring harnesses,cpu and engine is all i know.What are some other things i may be overlooking im sure there are many...
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Postby 1990CelicaGT-S » Wed Mar 07, 2007 6:38 am

You should be able to use the same transmission. You can in the fifth generation swaps.
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Postby mitt4g » Tue Feb 12, 2008 5:52 am

You can use the FE Tranny and it will all swap to the existing mounts.

I f you looking to swap the GTE into the Convertable youll have to do some Harness wiring I would and can only suggest to do alot of research on the wiring and dont half ass you shit-.... :doh:
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