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FS: ST205 Rebuilt Engine, WTA, Tein, 5ZIGEN, Custom Exhuast

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 5:50 am
by PhilipK
Selling all my goodies for my ST204.

The rebuild is fresh with 0 miles, everything else has 100 miles on it. Selling everything because I am having my 5th child and have to downsize in other areas. I live in Southern California for picking the items up. Feel free to ask any questions.

$5000 ST205 Gen 3SGTE complete rebuild w/ CP Forged Pistons 86.5mm 9.0:1, CT20b, Aussie DP, complete stock WTA system, wiring harness is plug and plug to ST204 done by dr tweak, cleaned injectors, etc.

Drop in engine w/ all the goodies.

Engine was imported from Japan with 35k on it before rebuild.

Ceramic coated parts on engine:
CT20b Exhaust Housing (silver)
Aussie 3in DP (silver)
Exhaust Manifold (silver)
Heat Shield (silver)
Intake Manifold (silver)
Oil Pan (coated black)

$400 ACT Pressure Plate and ACT 6 puck clutch w/ springs custom spline for use with 3SGTE and ST204 transmission
$1200 ST204 Transmission w/ Spyder LSD Installed
$1500 ST204 Tein SS Coilovers with Cusco Camber Plates
$1500 Custom 3in to 2.5 after race pack, ceramic coated silver w/ rear muffler coated black, has a magnaflow muffler and a magnaflow high flow cat, hooks up to any ST204 w/ ST205 engine that has the Aussie 3in downpipe.
$1200 5Zigen FN01R-C Matte Black 17x8 w/ Goodyear G-Force KDW Tires 235/40

Re: FS: ST205 Rebuilt Engine, WTA, Tein, 5ZIGEN, Custom Exhu

PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:19 am
by Awesome-Trac
Are the price that are listed the amount your looking for or how much u put into it?