Tranny Question.......

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Tranny Question.......

Postby saki10man » Wed Sep 21, 2005 5:06 am

Im new here and was hoping to find some info. I am swapping a 88 3SGTE into my 86 ST-162, any ideas of what tranny I can use. I know mine will work if I make a hole on the other side of the trans case for the starter since mines bolts up under the manifold, there would be no room for the turbo. Right now I am looking at 3 options....either getting a 93 Mr2 lsd trans and trying to convert/modify, using a GT trans that I know will bolt up but dont know if it will hold up :shrug: , and trying my trans an making a new hole for the starter on the other side of the trans case. But I will have to install a lsd to avoid torque-steer. BTW does anyone know is a jdm vlsd(viscous) from a 95 Mr2 would work in my ST-162 tranny? And what axles I would need? Any suggestions or info would be helpful...........thanx 8)
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