Replacing Waterpump + Camshaft seal, and Timing belt, ect.

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Replacing Waterpump + Camshaft seal, and Timing belt, ect.

Postby WarTowels » Thu Nov 03, 2005 3:55 am

My camshaft seal is leaking oil slowly, so I figure I'll do the whole shabang while I'm there.

...Plus my timing belt has never been replaced.

I'm buying a water pump, and a ready made kit online. I'm going to order a camshaft seal direct from Toyota since I duely want to ensure that I'll not have to do this ever again.

A friend is helping out with the undertaking, and asked me "Do you have a tensioner to replace?" Having never replaced any timing belts... and relying on my Haynes manual... that's back home. (I'm at college, Project planned for Thanksgiving break.) I have no idea. Was hoping one of you would know!

1993 Toyota Celica GT


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Postby Sleeka_89 » Sun Nov 06, 2005 1:13 pm

Yeah theres a timing belt tensioner and a idle pully...both look simular but 1 is just a pully and the other tensions :doh:
Its up 2 u if u want to replace them, if they're not making any noise i personally wont bother unless the car has done serious amounts of kms.
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