Where do i get a diagram of part numbers?

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Where do i get a diagram of part numbers?

Postby SnowDRiFT » Tue Nov 29, 2005 11:13 pm

So my axel slipped out of the tranny while sitting in my drive way for a month or so. dont ask me how. it was only turned on every now and then but not driven, but over the break i started it, let it sit for a few and slowly went down the driveway and heard this crazy scrapping noise. put it in reverse and went back upt and jacked the car up. sure enough all the bolts on the drive shaft were missing :shrug: and the axel was out.

I do not know how to fix this. i DLed the BGB but i dont have time to do it myself so i am bringing it to my friend who is a machanic. im hoping i can get some info from the diagram first before i need to bring it in to make sure i fully understand whats going on.

So if anyone can tell me where i can get a part numbers diagram, aside from the dealer, id like to hear it. or if they somehow have it, that would be just as aweome.

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Postby Rick89GTS » Sun Dec 04, 2005 7:49 pm

The BGB shows you everything you need to replace the CV axle. If it's just the bolts that have come loose, I'd recommend you try it yourself first. It's not that hard to DIY. Your dealer can get the part numbers for you.
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Postby Stubble » Tue Dec 06, 2005 2:17 am

Get an idea which parts you want to replace, and get the Toyota names for them. These should be in the BGB. Call the dealer and tell him what you want. You can get him to fax you a diagram of the parts with part numbers. You can then tell him exactly which parts you want by part number. If the dealer won't do that for you, find another dealer who will.
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