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Replacing turbo, double check my gasket parts list?

Sun Nov 18, 2007 4:54 am

I'm going to be dropping in another stock turbo into my car (nearly stock 92 ST185) and am trying to get a parts list together. I've read through the part number sticky thread a few times and I think I've got most things taken care of, but still have a few holes. I've got the following on the list, including the oil cooler parts because there's some oil leaks down the front that appear to originate near that.

Turbo Gasket Kit 04175-74030
Turbo Oil Gasket 15471-88580
Hose From Hell #1 16283-88381
Hose From Hell #2 16282-88380
Oil Cooler Orings 15517-88380
Oil Cooler Orings 96732-19019
Oil Cooler Orings 90301-52002
Oil Cooler Orings 15785-35010

Turbo Water Pipe Gasket ??
Turbo Coolant Rubber ??

Couple questions:
1) Does the turbo gasket kit include the oil and water gaskets?
2) I am trying to find part numbers for the two rubber coolant hoses to the turbo (which are apparently a 92-93 only part?).
3) Is there a crush washer or two for the oil cooler and for the turbo oil line?
4) Anything else that should be replaced while I'm mucking around in there?

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any help!
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Tue Nov 20, 2007 1:45 pm

Any feedback? Even to say my list looks complete or it doesn't?

Also trying to find and haven't been successful finding a part number for the BVSV (or is it TVV?) between the manifold and charcoal canister for my '92.

Wed Nov 21, 2007 6:29 am

The completeness of the list depends on your idea of a thorough job. I can't say for sure what part number is what so I cannot definitively say yes or no.

1. Dunno if the turbo gasket kit includes all the gaskets or just the hard metal exhaust gaskets. Couldn't tell ya. Some one with an EPC will chime in.

2. The two hoses should be easy enough to find if your parts man is worth his salt.

3. No crush washers on the oil cooler and turbo lines.

4. The oil lines should be replace if they're kinked at all. Check to make sure they are clean ( on the inside).

Wed Nov 21, 2007 2:00 pm

I stopped being quite so lazy yesterday and contacted 1sttoyotaparts.com (I don't really have a 'local parts guy' that's easy to get to!).

In case anyone else is interested the turbo gasket kit does supposedly include water/oil gaskets as well as the exhaust ones, and there's some sort of gasket, maybe not a crush washer per say, where the turbo oil line connects to the engine block. #15526-88381 x2

Either way, I'm trying to be as complete as possible because I'm not eager to take the turbo off again anytime soon, so I'm replacing hoses that appear brittle and all the seals/hoses I can access. It's not worth trying to save $60 by reusing the turbo gaskets just to have to remove everything to fix a leak later!
Good idea on the oil lines. I don't recall them being kinked but I'll double check that and make sure they're clean! Thanks.
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