Toyota Engine Codes Explained.

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Toyota Engine Codes Explained.

Postby black88inmd » Mon Aug 08, 2005 3:29 pm

For all of those who think somone was having a seizure on the heyboard while naming toyota engines. There is some hope! All those numbers and letters actually mean something.

The letters indicate the engine family, for example in 18R-G
The engine family is R, in 2JZ-GTE the family is JZ.
The "Z" is used if the engine family letter is used in other Toyota engines.
The number(s) at the beginning is the number of the are for a certain
bottom end version (block, bore, stroke). The larger the number,
the newer the bottom end version. It may seem like the larger the
number, the larger the displacement but this is not always true.

AFTER "-":
G = twin cam (wide angle, 45 degrees or more between the intake and exhaust valves)
F = "economical" twin cam (narrow angle, around 22 degrees)
T = turbocharged
Z = supercharged
E = fuel injection
i = single point fuel injection
L = transverse mounted engine (seems to be an obsolete code)
B = twin carbs (only used on non-twin cam engines, obsolete code)
R = air injection
S = swirl intake ports (only a few made in mid '80s)
S = direct injection & swirl pot pistons (starting from '97/98)
U = emission package (Japan)
C = emission package (California)
LPG = LPG fuel

This is the most complete list I have found. I added one or two things to this list which can be found here:

I was unable to contact the author of the page but I feel we should have this info :)
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