Power Window Failure

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Power Window Failure

Postby Rugburn » Thu Jun 02, 2011 7:55 am

Alright, excuse me here, but I'm flying blind.
When I bought my car, which is an ST165, the driver's side control for the passenger window only rolled the passenger side window down, and not up. The passenger rocker switch worked for both up and down. Now, however, the passenger side only rolls the passenger window down, and not up, and the same goes for the driver's side switch.

It's my understanding that the passenger side window switch is powered by the driver's side switch. I've learned that the driver's side switch is the master switch, but that's as far as I've gotten.

I'm not really all that sure how the window control works, but I'm gonna take a look at my BGB here and try to figure it out.

My question here is, what could this be? I'm kinda getting that there's a switch that stops the window when it's reached the top or the bottom limit of it's motion, to stop the window before the motor blows, and there must be a problem in that system somewhere.

I could be way off, though, I've been googling around and can't really find anything. I tried a few combinations of terms here while I was searching, and didn't really have any luck here either.

I'm not much of an electrical genius, but I have a multimeter, and I know how to use it, and I'm pretty good at following directions, haha.

I just want to get my window working, and I'm alright with taking off the door panels and chasing down leads, but if anyone here can give me some advice on what to look for, or pictures from a previous repair of this particular issue, that'd be awesome.

Like I said, I'm kind of in the dark here, but I'd like some advice, if that's possible.

Also, on a total newb side note, is there a separate reservoir for the rear window wiper fluid, or am I just too blind to find a problem with my tubing? :V


edit: found a thread with a similar problem, so tomorrow, or Friday I'll be opening up the door and checking the rocker, but if anyone else knows what to look for, that'd be great.
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