90 all trac system 10 speaker selection (relived)

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90 all trac system 10 speaker selection (relived)

Postby Gios90_3sGTS » Fri Aug 02, 2013 1:45 am

So I just wanted input on some speakers I was looking to purchase. I am replacing every speaker in the system 10 as well as the head unit and most likely the amp(seems like a waste not to)

Now, the 8" I am not going to bother with in this post as there are plenty of others.

So first I want to say im planning on purchasing this pioneer double din deck


now the rear speakers I found these 2 bundles


for the 4" I saw a post by mda and wanted to know if anyone made these fit and how much modification was necessary

mda185 wrote:...Building your own is almost always going to sound better and cost less than commercial sets. This is particularly true if you replace the factory amp with an aftermarket unit with built in crossovers. Parts Express has a very good inexpensive 4" driver that has more X max than anything I have ever seen from a commercial car stereo speaker. X max is how much travel the voice coil has before significant distortion sets in.

http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdet ... er=290-212
I like the LPG and SEAS tweeters sold by Madisound Speakers better than most of what Parts Express sells:


You can do this for far less than $200 if you take some time to learn how. If you upgrade the amplifier under the passenger seat to one with crossovers built in, this becomes very easy. Just set the high and low pass frequency to somewhere between 2500-5000 Hz depending on how low your tweeter can go. Higher is safer for the tweeter. Lower usually sounds better. Tweeters that will fit the OEM pod on the door will all have high crossover frequencies. It takes a larger, more expensive design to get a tweeter you can cross over around 2500-3000 Hz. You will also have to set the amps' input gain so the tweeter and woofer are equal loudness.

also if those tweeters he likes fit as well

If so far all of those fit...( I will do the measuring this weekend but if anyone knows offhand that'd be great too although I will double check lol)
then that would be my setup besides my 8" that I have to choose and the amp

please any suggestions/advice/comments would be greatly appreciated
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Re: 90 all trac system 10 speaker selection (relived)

Postby fussellbug » Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:59 pm

The speakers you linked for the rear are 5.25" but the factory speakers were 6.5". Any particular reason you chose smaller speakers?
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Re: 90 all trac system 10 speaker selection (relived)

Postby Gios90_3sGTS » Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:34 pm


I was browsing forums and noticed a consensus of 5.25 but I realized they are 6.5 today thanks for looking out. I think I'm going to re wire my entire system with an aftermarket amp..
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