Radio + clock always on with no key.Ignition stuck on ACC?

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Radio + clock always on with no key.Ignition stuck on ACC?

Postby 5gencelica » Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:44 am

I have the car for a year,never had problem but since a week we had some -35c and
i didnt start it for a couple a days so the batt die,i recharge it and since then i
realize that when i get out of the car, Clock + radio(aftermarket) stay on playing music.The antenna closed,steering closed etc but the dash clock + radio is always on
If i turn it off(still red light powered) and drive, accelerate or play with window light etc they lot of distortion coming from
speaker(dont happen when turn on/playing music).I also .realize that if i push the cig light on,radio+clock turn off but come back once the light is on(when the car is off with no key)

Ive tried remove almost all fuse,relay and wire plug to the radio whitout success,the radio is a clarion double din with lots of wire but look to be well done under there.with plug and play connector(Stock amp still there,antenna gps all work)
Thanx any help would be appreciate.

ill inspect more wire and i suspect something with ignition switch(couldnt find how to test it)

Is it normal on driver side kick panel thes always have 12v?
15amp cig+rad
15A Ecu-B?
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Re: Radio + clock always on with no key.Ignition stuck on AC

Postby bobtherider123 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 2:41 pm

check the power antenna plug behind the plastics in the drivers side of the hatch. mine just corroded to the point where the radio and the clock stayed on but so did the car as well. maybe yours isnt as corroded as mine was an is only shorting the radio and clock on.
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