Need help with harness-harness connectors

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Need help with harness-harness connectors

Postby Magroo » Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:29 am

Long story short. I bought a 5sfe wiring harness for a 92 celica automatic because it had all the right plugs (and it was dirt cheap at $40). I'm going to be converting it over to run my 3sgte from my mspnp2.

The ecu side of things is pretty easy. Yes I know the 5sfe is setup for batch fire injectors but I'll take care of that.

The problem I'm having is what are the other 2 plugs called that plug in to another wiring harness next to the ecu. I'm assuming its things like tach signal, cruise control, etc. I have the ewd book but I'm not familiar with what I should be looking for, for pinouts.

Reason I'm building a new harness is I've eliminated a lot of things on the car, like egr, ac idle up valve, cruise control, AFM, injector and fp resistors, and I'm going COP wasted spark. I want a fresh start instead of hacking up my original harness if I ever revert back to stock.

I'm just looking for a basic pin out for the 2 connectors so I can move wires around or remove if not needed.
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Re: Need help with harness-harness connectors

Postby Magroo » Sun Feb 18, 2018 6:23 pm

Okay I think I found what I'm looking for in the electrical wiring diagram book. The harness Junctions are called ig1 and ig2.

I was hoping somebody may have already done this before so I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel.

It looks like all the information I need is in the book I just have to go hunting for each individual pin number wire color and where it goes.

There's no concise list in the book. It looks like I'll have to put one together and post it when I'm done. I know I can't be the only one that's thought about using a 5sfe wiring harness because they are so much cheaper.
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Re: Need help with harness-harness connectors

Postby Magroo » Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:46 pm

I found this amazing feature called the search button.


Big thanks to l0ch0w for doing most of the legwork. I'm pleasantly surprised at how similar the 3sgte and 5sfe ig1 and ig2 connectors are. They aren't exactly the same but very close in the important areas.

I haven't finished mapping them out yet since I've been working 12 hour days, but I'll present my findings when done.

I also have a lead on the square harness contacts for the connectors. ... 561?page=1

I think I found them at digikey and ordered some.

Some gxl wire is on the list too for filling in the blanks on the 5sfe like injectors and boost gauge etc.

Sorry I'm using this thread to think out loud. :)
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Re: Need help with harness-harness connectors

Postby Magroo » Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:07 pm

OK so I finally had a chance to sit down and look at the 5sfe ig1 and ig2 connectors in the ewd book. I did it independently of l0ch0s original break down so as not to be influenced by it.

I found a couple of errors in the original break down but nothing major.

On the left is l0ch0s original analysis. On the right is what I found for the 5sfe.

IG1: 3sgte. 5sfe
PIN------Description----------Wire color. :

1-----------NOT USED------------ : Blue-white ---- Combo meter?
2------IDL (TPS switch)------Pink. : Pink ---- idle cruise control
3------Speed sensor---------Blue. :Blue ---- speed sensor cuise
4------A/C Switch----------- Black-White. : Not Used ?
5-----------NOT USED------------ : Light Green - ECT Pattern select
6------VR3 (Cruise)----------Grey-Black. : Same
7------VR1 (Cruise)----------Grey. : Same
8------MC (Cruise)-----------Red-Green. : Same
9-----------NOT USED------------ : Same
10----------NOT USED------------ : Same
11-----Ground---------------Brown. : Same
12-----Oil Light (Gauge)-----Yellow-Black: Same
13-----Water Temp (Gauge)-Yellow-Green: Same
14-----Tach (Gauge)--------Black. : Same
15-----Turbo Pres (Gauge)--Red-White. : Brown- Yellow cruise ecu
16-----L (Cruise)----------- Red-Yellow. : same Cruise stop
17-----VR2 (Cruise)---------Grey-Red. : same
18-----MO (Cruise)----------Pink-Black. : same

PIN------Description----------Wire color

1-----------NOT USED------------ : blue yellow ATS ac amp
2-----------NOT USED------------ :yellow blue : W warning light?
3------TC CKC---------------White-Blue. : Same
4------Backup light sw. in----Red-Blue. : same
5------Fuel Cut--------------Green. : same FC Circuit opening relay
6------TC CKC---------------White-Blue. : same
7------+12V Battery----------Pink. : same
8-----------NOT USED------------ :
9-----------NOT USED------------ :
10----------NOT USED------------ :
11----------NOT USED------------ : grey blue Overdrive light cluster
12-----Airbag CKC------------Brown. : samel
13-----Backup light sw. out---Red-Black. : same
14-----Ground (Gauge)--------Brown. : same Water temp gauge?
15-----IG from alternator------Black-Red. : same
16-----Battery light-----------Yellow. : same
17-----Unknown CKC----------White-Red. : same Tc ckc ABS?
18-----+B Switched power----Black-Yellow : same
19-----Fuel Pump CKC--------Blue-Black. : same
20-----Starter switch---------Black. :same

So while not exactly the same. It is definately usable.

I will probably do a breakdown of the 2 ecu connectors at some point too. I already removed a bunch of wires for the harness mostly related to the auto trans, and sensors I dont need.
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Re: Need help with harness-harness connectors

Postby underscore » Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:53 pm

Nice work! I imagine this could be done with most 4 cylinder FWD platforms from that era, I imagine many of them were originally based off the same design and then just tweaked as needed for a specific engine/chassis.
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