3rd Gen 3sgte and MR2 Wiring Harness

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3rd Gen 3sgte and MR2 Wiring Harness

Postby discoinferno218 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:16 am

Alright guys, quick question for you. I am in the process of putting a 3rd gen 3sgte into my 89 Corolla Wagon. The harness I have is cut in a couple places. One cut is right by the ignition coil and the other cut is going to where the fuse box would be, I believe. I was wondering if a wiring harness from the MR2 with the same engine would work for my application. Is everything on the engine and tranny the same? Is the ECU pin layout the same? I have my ST205 ECU so I was just gonna use that. Since I can't find an English translated ST205 wiring diagram I was thinking I could still piece it together by separating the engine and rest of the electrical and merging the two but as it is incomplete that would make it even more challenging.
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Re: 3rd Gen 3sgte and MR2 Wiring Harness

Postby msanders2 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:55 pm

Yes it will work. You will have a check engine light for the WTA intercooler though. There is a thread on here how to get rid of it though.

I have a complete 3rd gen MR2 3sgte harness for sale if you need one. $200
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