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HKS turbo timer harness for st165

PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2021 5:12 pm
by scandinavian link
Hey guys,

Once again I tried searching, I found one post where someone mentioned they used the HKS TT-1 harness on an st165 with an APEXi turbo timer. When I look at the HKS website they don't show the st165, just st185 & 205. Other google searches turn up a couple pages where the TT-1 harness is listed for 88-89 Alltrac. But I've seen one or two places that say 88-93 Alltrac uses the TT-3.

The post I saw about the TT-1 with APEXi timer was posted by someone who hasn't had activity for 4 years or I'd just PM them. Plus I figure if the question is answered, it'll be a nice new reference for someone to find in the future.

SO - can anyone confirm if the TT-1 harness is indeed correct for the st165 and/or if any sort of modification is needed?

I can't for the life of me remember what I used with my old Greddy turbo timer back in the day (I suppose Greddy probably had one).

Adjacent question: does anyone know how far backwards compatible the HKS harness is? As in, how long have the control units connected to their current harness setup? Part of me wants to source a period correct HKS timer - I believe Gen 3 (in all its blocky 80's glory). But in all likelihood I'll just get the current model for reliability and ease of purchase, but would like to know. I do know I do not want to cut/splice any wiring, so I want to be able to use a harness with whatever timer I eventually use.