ROFL - GMC Yukon tried to race me!

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ROFL - GMC Yukon tried to race me!

Postby Griffin » Sat Jan 21, 2006 4:49 am

I've been lazy about patching up my tune since I went back to the stock motor to get my car out to Texas. I finally got around to doing some logging tonight so I could update the tune. Anyways I do some 3rd gear pulls near my house and then went to the highway to do a couple 4th gear pulls and watch my cruising A/Fs. I finish up and then get back off the highway to go home. Of course once I'm off the highway I'm driving like a figgin Angel so as not to attract any unwanted attention of the law enforcement variety (sound carries and my car is LOUD).

I am heading home on a surface street (limit is 45 - 50 depending on where you are on it) and this Yukon thats been following me for a while pulls up next to me at a stoplight. I'm thinking - okay whatever. I hear him rev a few times and then his RPMs kick up a whole bunch and stay there. The Yukon leaned a tad and I see him jerking forward a teeny bit as the brakes groan. I'm like - son of a bitch - the guy is brake torquing it - he actually wants to race me! So I brought the revs up a teeny bit and kept a close eye on the light. Sure enough as soon as the light changes he gives a little tire chirp and off he goes. Well... I SHOULD have been mature and ignored him, but I just couldn't. I stay even with him to about 35 to give him some fun (mind you it only took like 1/4 throttle) and then I dumped it. Needless to say he dissapeared quick. I let off at about 65 with probably a couple buslengths between us (seemed that way anyhow). I waved to him out the window, but he got back behind me and wouldn't come around to chat or anything.

I just thought that was funny. He probably though I was like a ST with an exhaust (I have been debadged for over a year now). Or maybe he was just feeling frisky. (I'm assuming it was a he - the top of my window was below the bottom of his) I dunno - either way it was funny and kind of fun. He'll think twice before messing with any more old Celicas :)
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Postby 88st165 » Sat Jan 21, 2006 5:47 am

yeah he prob thought you would be an easy kill.... even though you are debadged your car still looks like it has some "go" but i bet he thought he was going to pull up next to some ricer and blow his doors off... haha good job teaching him otherwise....
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Postby turbo4wd » Sat Jan 21, 2006 5:57 am

he probably saw the hood.. and thought you were some nopi reject..

last time he makes that mistake..

way to greet your new neighbors dude.. LOL
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