90-94 eclipse gsx @ 14psi vs st165 @12psi

Road race, Auto X, or the Drag Strip

Re: 90-94 eclipse gsx @ 14psi vs st165 @12psi

Postby BADNEWS » Wed Feb 22, 2006 3:08 am

gpmarzan wrote:who would win you think? i

No thinking here. The GSX would own you. Sorry to put it to you but they have a better turbo and wiegh less then our cars.
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Postby toayoztan » Wed Feb 22, 2006 6:50 am

My vote goes that autos are better for drag. But my other vote goes to the fact that autos are boring. Reason being - Drag racing is relying on the car, turning is relying on the driver.

Oh and to keep this on topic, my vote goes towards the GSX (completely stock for stock, i do believe they are faster).

I don't know how credible some of you find this source to be, but if you want, go to www.car-stats.com and click on "find stats on particular car" and find your car, and the gsx. You'll find the GSX is quicker. Obviously, there's the old age factors, tune up factors, human error factors, bla bla. But i don't think we're getting technical here heh.

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Postby KoreanJoey » Thu Mar 02, 2006 10:53 am

That's a load of crap, the driver makes a HUGE difference in drag racing, reaction time, the launch, and keeping the car going straight is all in the driver, don't knock drag racers because they have fast cars.
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