Bad news for Rally in the US...

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Bad news for Rally in the US...

Postby PreGrid » Wed Oct 06, 2004 9:15 pm

Hey all,

I know that some of you have joined me in getting the Rally Addiction, especially with such a capable car as the All Trac.


As announced just Yesterday, the SCCA has announced the CANCELLATION of the Rally Division. As of 2005, Jan 1, there will be NO MORE Stage Rally in America sanctioned by the SCCA.

They say, for what it's worth, that Rally Cross and Road Rally will remain intact and be unaffected but I doubt that.

As such, this MAY BE the last year for us to come and Rally our All Tracs.


THIS SUNDAY, the 10th of October, our Rally Group is putting on a Fund Raiser event for the Rally Division here locally to continue our Rally Group REGARDLESS of the SCCA's participation in the future.

We want RALLY to survive in the North West and we'd like you to help.

The Fund Run Event will be in Hillsboro and the Washington County Fairplex THIS SUNDAY, the 10th. The Schedule says that Morning Regstration begins at 8 AM and we'll have another Registration Group from lime noon to 1RazzM.

Runs are basically $5 each for your 1st 4. After that, we're dicounting them to $3. The more you run the more you save.

Give aways and other fun stuff too.

This is a SMOOTH course and won't hurt your cars.

As demonstrated here:

I know it's short notice but I'd like to get as many folks out there as possible to make a statement to the SCCA and let them know that we will not go quietly.

Thanks again and remember the LAST Rally Cross event of this year is on teh 14th of November, again in Hillsboro. The Season Championship will be decided then. I'm sitting 3rd overall in my class I think... I'd like to finish strong Smile

See and vote in the poll at :


Scott "DKOV" Kovalik
Oregon SCCA Rally Cross Director
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Fund Raiser Rally Cross News...

Postby PreGrid » Wed Oct 06, 2004 10:48 pm

While adhering to all other SCCA Rally Cross rules, we are making the following adjustments...

Instead of having TWO groups and dividing those in half like with did last weekend, we're going to run one big group and divide it in half for worker assignments.

Therefore, the schedule will be running FCO (First Car Out) at 10:AM and Last Car at as close to 5:PM as possible.

Registration opens and 8:00 and closed at 9:30 AM. Driver's meeting at 9:40, Parade Lap at about 9:55 and FCO at 10:AM.

We'll swap the run groups at about 1:20 resuming the event at 1:40 PM.

Costs this time around are $20 for 4 runs and $3 a run (2 for $5) after that. Cheaper than normal RX events but more runs available.

Time cards will be STAMPED to show the number of prepaid runs and the Starter will Punch or initial the Stamps to moderate their usage. Time Cards will be "souvenirs" for the participants. Suitable for framing ;)

There will be only ONE Registration for the day. IF and only if we run out of drivers and have more time, we can open up registration again for additional runs at the rate of $5 for first time or new runners and the same $3 (2 for $5) for those that already have time cards.

Time cards have 5 slots on them so Runners purchasing more than 5 runs will get multiple time cards.

Event Times will be posted at the ORG Website : but again, they do NOT count for Seasonal Points. Bragging Rights only.

EVERYONE is required to sign the Event Waiver, no exceptions. Minor Waivers will be available as well although no ride alongs will be allowed in a vehicle that cannot fit the approved Helmets.

Classes will not necessarily be separated. We will do our best to put similar Class of vehicles together but the nature of this event doesn't require it. It is NOT a points event.

Drivers in each of the two run groups are asked to work the course for the other. Exceptions to this are drivers that are running multiple runs that take them into the NEXT run group.

We will do our very best to keep the event running smoothly and on time and get as many runs as physically possible in the time frame we have at the course. However, certain situations may require us to slow or even stop the event for safety reasons. We offer no guarantee, therefore, of any certain number of runs other than our best efforts to provide them for the participants.

Conditions will be wet and muddy. Weather is not a factor, we WILL add significant water to the racing surface. Expect it. Plan for it. Enjoy it!

Food is local and may be provided on site. However, it is recommended in any sporting event to plan on bringing and drinking lots of water. Potties will be available on site for those of you adhering to this suggestion.

Additional donations and checks should be made payable to the "Oregon Rally Group". Donations to the group of any size are gratefully accepted as well as donation of Traffic Cones to help resupply our contingent.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude for your support and attendance.


Scott Kovalik
Oregon Region SCCA Rally Cross Director
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Postby Trance4c » Thu Oct 07, 2004 7:16 pm

Actually.. I think this could be a good move. Notice video games are not lacking in the rally department.. the WRX is bit and people love the rare EVO.. this is a very big generalization, but thats the mass publics feelings. At least thats what I get.. tell me if I'm wrong?

So I think this is a good move, a smaller family means more centralized attention on just this spot, over in the UK we have the big FIA everywhere. Ok, we have nascar, cart, etc.. this is not necessarily a bad thing. Each kind of automotive sport is commercialized.

I think we'll see a strengthening in road racing as well, and the same kind of strengthening in rally as a sport.
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