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Postby Dracov » Sun Sep 23, 2007 4:21 am

Yeah, I've had one of his DDP's on a long wishlist for when I can get my poor old 7M rebuilt. Poor thing's gone 210k with little more than routine maintenance and a few coolant hoses replaced. And it's NA. :( After getting my ST165 home it became depressing to drive the Supra, so I don't anymore except to start the engine once a week or so.
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Postby Wreckless » Sun Nov 04, 2007 5:49 pm

On my Silver '87 Turbo I had a 62-1 CT26 with a full 3in/80mm exhaust w/3in turbo elbow. A hacked together homemade DDP picked up 22whp & 30wtq at 18psi, which brought me from 377whp to 399.2, and 428.8rwtq.

The rest of the setup was a VPC, SAFC, 550cc injs, MK4 TT pump, j-tube bypass, ZT2 wideband, upper IC hardpipes, AEM cam gears & an ACT street clutch. So, modwise I didn't have a lot of money in the car.
But in the process of actually learning the reality of keeping a 7M-GTE reliable at that power level cost me thousands and thousands more in proper maintenance/replacement parts, and lessons learned the hard way with blown motors.

Building a fast & semi-reliable 7M is quite a task, and I have to agree with Simba about the huge amount of 'knowledge' that is horribly mis-guided and overeager. I had to un-learn a great deal of things to get my MK3 to where it was.

As for the MK3 vs AT competition, I used to race my GF in the ST185 I bought for her in my red '89 turbo 5-spd targa MK3 daily I had at the time, and both cars being nearly 100% stock the 185 would edge me out about 1.5 cars to 50-55ish and I'd reel her back in around 70 and be ~2 cars past her at 100 or so. Both cars at stock boost.
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Postby lumbercis » Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:41 am

^That sounds about right. Alltrac down low, Supra up high. The Supra should be mildly faster than an Alltrac anyway. Just not THAT much faster.

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