"ATS TD06 2008 Drag Challenge pays $1000!!"

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"ATS TD06 2008 Drag Challenge pays $1000!!"

Postby lumbercis » Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:01 am

From mr2oc.com:

http://www.mr2oc.com/showthread.php?p=3 ... ost3107639

This spring/summer we are announcing the ATS TD06 Drag Challenge. We are still working out the final details but here is what we have so far:

Beginning date: March 22, 2008
End date: September 22, 2008


1. You must register with ATS. Send pictures of your car (MR2 or Celica) to parts@atsracing.net put "ATS TD06 Challenge as your subject"
Your e-mail must include your name, address, phone number, mods list, and photos of your car and ATS TD06 installed. We will e-mail you back with a registration number.

1a. Once you get your ATS TD06 Drag Challenge registration number you will need to post your car/mods/photos in the (coming soon) ATS Drag Challangers thread.

2. All times run previous to March 22, 2008 DO NOT COUNT. If you used to have an ATS TD06 and you used to be really quick then you better get back out there with an ATS TD06 and be quick again. This contest is based on quickest ET, not MPH, so you'd better get a good launch.

3. You must submit an official time slip (scans/copies are fine). The time slip should have a car number on it, and you will need to shoe polish that car number to your window (most drag strips require this anyway). We need a photo of your car with that number visible. We also need a video of your pass showing the ET/mph at the end.

4. All timeslips must be submitted by midnight September 22, 2008. We will give you a few extra days to get your video in if you need it.

5. Do not be alarmed if you submit a ridiculous time slip that we require additional verification possibly from a 3rd party..so bring lots of people with you to the drag slip.

6. No nitrous. No TD07's, No Greddy TD06's. No GT series turbos disguised as TD06's. We will allow ATS TD05 20G's in too. Don't cheat your friends.

7. There is no MINIMUM TIME REQUIRED TO RUN. If only one person registers and he runs a 15.0 at 90mph and no one beats that, he gets $1000!!

8. No slicks, Drag radials are allowed.

9. There is no registration fee. This is FREE.



I'd pay extra to see an Alltrac take this. :smokes:
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