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GT-Four VS RX7

Postby Corey » Sun Jul 27, 2008 3:14 pm

With all these threads going up about this car vs that car, I though i would post my experiences from a drive I had last night with my friends FD.



Weight: 1460 kg (3212 lbs)
Exhaust: Turbo back 2.25" stock exhaust with no cats. KO 2.5" DP
Boost: 12 psi on stock CT-26 Ceramic
Clutch: ORC
Suspension: Stock - with 1 weak strut i think on front right.
Interwarming: ARC TMIC
Rad: Ron Davis
Fuel: Last night I mixed in extra toluene, and some 2 stroke oil. Roughly 100 Oct Pon of Chevron.
Wheels: 16x7 OZ Crono

Est BHP: When running proper fuel, about 270-280 BHP

Tested 0-100km/h: Roughly 8 seconds with 2 people. Running 12 psi.


Weight: 1200 kg (2640 lbs) 600lbs lighter
-Power Steering Delete, AC Delete, Emissions Delete, Stock exhaust delete.

Exhaust: Turbo back 3.5" to 3" to 3.5" exhaust.
Boost: 7 psi (stock is 10 psi) on stock twin turbos
Clutch: ACT
Suspension: Aragosta Coil overs
InterCOOLING: V-mount E-bay intercooler, with ducting. This thing gets Very cool. According to his PFC, intake temps were no more than 5* above ambiant, if that.
Rad: Koyo
Fuel: Chevron 94 Oct Pon with 2-stroke.
ECU: PowerFC - not tuned yet.
Wheels: 5zigen 17x10 all around.

Tested 0-100km/h: Roughly 5.0-5.5 seconds with only 7 psi and two people.

So, the FD is 600 lbs lighter than the Four, has about 60-70 extra HP than the Four, is lower, and has wider tires. He estimates that the car is at roughly 310 RWHP. With a low drivetrain loss on the FD, thats about 335 Crank.

Driving Comparison: Having been lucky enough to drive both. :)

we all know what the four is like.

The FD is extremely smooth. I would have expected the 3.5" exhaust to be extremely loud. It's not. Infact, it's not much louder than my car at cruise from inside the cockpit. Its not until you floor it that the car starts to make some real noise.

Even while cruising at 4000 rpm, it sounds like my car at 3k rpm.

The drive:

Last night we went for a long cruise down to victoria, through sooke, up to port renfrew, and then on the 80% paved logging road to lake cowichan, then back up to nanaimo.

On the way down, the roads were damp. Even in 3rd gear, the FD could spin up the rear wheels NP. The four on the other hand, could barely loose grip, even in 1st. :)

With the FD setting the pace: In the straights, its no contest. No suprise there. Suprisingly though, i did find that once above 120-130 km/h, the FD stopped pulling away as quickly. It went from a fairly brisk "jog" to a speed walk relative to my car. So the four wasnt completely left in the dust.

However, that wouldnt last too long because the FD's top speed is roughly 280km/h....

On average corners, I found that my "Truck" - as Ben has affectionatly called it - can keep up, with power the spare.

Then came a relatively long right hander, with decreasing radius. The four was keeping pace just fine - until i tried to close the gap a bit. The car started to understeer wide. I let off, and it began to oversteer back on course.

Then came the rough roads: Here is where our car's have the advantage. As the FD is so low, it had difficulty coping with the dips and cracks in the surface without the tires rubbing on the liners. Even my car rubbed on one particular dip.

Then came the dirt roads, with light sprinkling of minimal gravel. Both of us slowed right down to 20 for those parts. Kindof obvious which car would dominate in those conditions.

Gas Mileage:

We both topped up to roughly 3/4 tank. His tank is slightly larger than our 68L tank. His is 75L i believe.

By the time i got home from the 300km trip, i was on E. He was still at 1/4 tank.

To keep up with that car in the straights, the Four was guzzling fuel. At one point we were comparing vacumme readings while climbing a hill.

For the same speed, the FD could cope with just 10"Hg, while i was at 2-3 psi.

Anyway, just thought I would share. The FD certainly is an amazing machine. Its a track car for sure. it loves perfect roads. The Four is great all rounder. It can drive on anything, any time of the year. And given that its 600 lbs heaver, 2" higher, has narrower tires, stock suspension and 60 less Hp, i thought it did very well keeping up to the FD.

We still plan to get our cars to a proper track so we can really settle the score on how quick they are. Its too tough/dangerous to do that on public back roads.
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Postby Wicked Toys » Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:17 pm

Thats cool, I'm always impressed with this old ride still punting up a good fight if not an impressive victory.

If you go to the track, you should try and get some video as well.
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