Some racing videos from last weekend

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Some racing videos from last weekend

Postby emicen » Wed May 09, 2012 7:17 pm

Havent posted in a while, but last couple of years I've been racing on and off on the track in the Scottish Mini Cooper Cup. Heres some of my onboard cam footage from the weekend. Not the best weekend to be honest, there was a lot of unnecessary contact and other nonsense going on. It was action packed and controversial to say the least!

Race 1:

Brilliant start only to be squeezed off the track heading up to the first corner, let out and got passed by a few cars. Got thumped up the bum at Macintyres, then a couple of 50/50 lunges at Clarks resulting in near spins as I had to avoid the other cars turning in where possibly there could have been more space left. Got some good racing towards the end and pipped Murray on the last lap. But any race where you go 7th to 13th is not one to savour really. Apologies for the comedy camera angles towards the end, the bullet cam loosened on it's mountings.

Race 2:

Bit mundane if I'm honest. Blasted past Alan off the start then kept it on the track as others fell off and made up some places from 13th to finish 9th. After race 1 we all got read the riot act in a meeting which did little to put people in the right frame of mind for racing. The fun was missing from race 2 and we just weren't that up for pushing it.

Race 3 before the red flag:

Gutted the flags came out, I was HAULING! Two cars in the first lap and a half and about to get the head down after Kenny McLeod

Race 3, take 2:

Nothing like as good a start. Lewis got round me at Macintyres and we all get bunched up in to the chicane. Cannonballed up the rear at Clarks. Fought back up the field, then smacked off at the hairpin by the same person as the cannonball. That'll teach me for being clean and leaving space for them trying the cut back, apex sponsored by NCP next time out.
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Re: Some racing videos from last weekend

Postby saved_1992 » Wed May 09, 2012 7:48 pm

very cool :shock:
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