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Postby mtbgael » Thu Mar 03, 2005 5:09 pm

Hey guys. One of the large reasons I'm working on this alltrac (it's a little rough right now..) is to auto-x it. My problem comes in with classing. I know I'm going to wind up rasing the boost, which automatically puts me in SM. Until I do that though, are Tein SS-Ps legal in DSP? What about a straight pipe turbo back (with a HFC)? FMIC? I thought about running it in GS for about 2 seconds, until I realized there's a damn 2.5RS in my region that's a national competitor that would destroy me every event :wink: Also, any suggestions for tranny/rear diff? I like the idea of the Camry alltrac if it will actually work, but I'm not really sure about that? :shrug:

edit: oh yeah, right now I'm running a 2000 Eclipse GT in STS with no suspension work, and doing pretty well :wink:
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Postby Guest » Thu Mar 10, 2005 1:26 am

All SP classes have open shocks and springs. "Exhaust manifolds and muffler systems are free, except that they must be quiet and terminate behind the driver." "Limited slips are permitted".

I would not hesitate in competing in GS. Invest in lightweight wheels and tires, get the best shocks and front anti roll bar you can, and go for it. Do some evolution schools. If you have a nationally competitive driver in a subie, that's great, cause the RS is not know for being super competitive in GS. Too many minis and celicas. In DC, it is usually between the celica and mini. It is best to run against good drivers and become a better driver, than to pour $ into you car and not go faster. Pour the $ into you and your training. Practice is better than the next go fast part. I have run a CS miata in SM2 for the last 2 years, and done reasonably well (usually mid pack) considering I am down 300HP on the competition. You can spend a lot of $ on a car in the modified classes, and get really frustrated when you don't go much faster. It is really rewarding to go faster in a "slow" car.

I am surprised that I don't see more all-tracs running in GS. Seems like they should do well, considering the competition.

PS: Go Hokies

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