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Postby dave » Mon Aug 01, 2005 7:42 pm


Just though I'd post up some results from Ten of the Best 4, at Elvington, UK yesterday -

We had a GT4OC team there, and almost all came away with personal bests

Tony - not sure of his time - he did a 12.1 early but may have bettered that later - ST205
Richard did a 12.2 - ST205
Karen/Nic - 12.3 - ST185
Me - 12.3 - ST205
Alex - 12.4 - ST205

Top Speed - all GPS measured, from a standing start within 1.25 miles - I'll add to this as I find out other results

I managed 175mph
Tony went a bit faster I think

The worst bit was trying to stop it within the remaining runway (just under 3/4 mile) with the back end feeling unusually sensitive and twichy - no rear wing for that run and a small side wind :)

Adrian from Fensport also improved his time to a 10.4 in the Corolla

But still a ways to go to beat the eventual winner, Keith Cowie, in his Skyline R32 who did a 9.3 @ 160mph in the final :shock:
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ST185 (One for the week)
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Postby SuperWhite92 » Fri Aug 05, 2005 2:30 am

Very nice. Get faster now :)
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