Paint Chips, Ideas?

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What should I do to the moron who stepped on my car?

Hold his family and friends hostage?
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Sit in my car with a gun and wait for round 2?
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Paint Chips, Ideas?

Postby yoursymphonyinc » Wed Oct 06, 2004 7:37 pm

So i have my car parked outside of my apartment and somebody decided it would be a good idea to step on my hood a couple times :cry: with their big muddy-ass shoes... :shoots: idiots...

so not only has this pissed me off :x but it pushed the hood into the bolts around the strut cover, leaving a wonderful little pimple shaped ding... My car already has some visual imperfections, but i dont need a paint chip on hood. any ideas on how to seal the little chip?
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Postby illGT4 » Wed Oct 06, 2004 7:59 pm

Do not sleep until this is taken care of.

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Postby furpo » Thu Oct 07, 2004 7:50 am

i got run off the road in my friends 4g63t mitsi mirage (colt) cyborg last year and damaged a rim by i idiot in a honda civic who was racing another honda civic. i was on the way home from a motorsport meeting so the racing rims where on and with 35 series tires they got dinged running up the curb. so yeah i know how you feel.

if we dosen't pay up after a stern asking then put caster suger in his fuel tank. you still may not get a bonnet out of him, he will how ever have to replace his engine. if your guys cops are anything like ours they will not really help you much because if you care about your car you are the scum of the earth so not worth helping.

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Postby alltracman78 » Thu Oct 07, 2004 5:27 pm

illGT4 wrote:Do not sleep until this is taken care of.

heheh I like that.
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Postby Mr Fitzpantson » Sat Oct 09, 2004 5:27 am

Jim that sucks that somebody stepped on the hood. Is the pimple shaped ding the only damage. You're lucky there isn't any lasting deforming dents. As far as the paint chip, toyota does sell touch-up paint in factory colors. I will be checking into this sometime to help conceal my many paint scratches/chips. Were there any witnesses? Do you have any suspects? Could they be identified by the foot prints left by their big muddy-ass shoes?
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Postby yoursymphonyinc » Sat Oct 09, 2004 6:16 am

reuben; its been raining here as you know man, not much left of the foot prints. i looked closer and found that there is a dent up front too. come by, i'll show ya. its not horrible, but its noticable...

no witnesses, stupid people on greek row dont give a crap about other peoples cars... just yesterday i saw a subaru park in a space too small for it so the guy ended up puting his own front end underneath the back bumper of the jeep infront of him! and he left it like that!

since it happened, i've been checking on my car a lot. no further damage to it at all (thank god) i need to drive her about, get some miles on the engine. it's been sitting for about 5 days.

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