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Is it worth the time to have an aftermarket factory style body kit reproduced for the ST165?

Worth the time?
Don't even bother and move on?
Total votes : 37

ST165 Factory bodykit? Anyone thinks it's worth reproducing?

Wed Jun 17, 2009 6:07 am

Just as the title says, does anyone think it's worth a company's time to reproduce factory kits for the ST165s? I found a company that is very interested in reproducing the ST165 front bumper cover, the rear bumper cover, side skirts, and door spoiler/panels. It would be made out of some polyurethane material. I spoke to the owner of a company, and he's interested.

Now my question is, is it worth their time? Would there be enough Celica GT-S owners and Alltrac owners restoring their cars to have them reproduce it for us, or should I not even bother? Just curious.
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Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:30 am

Do this one, almost the same but with wrap around bumpercovers.

Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:20 am

I could certainly use a new front bumper

Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:53 pm

To make it cost effective, he said replicating a factory kit would save a whole lot money and time.

And among us, less arguments about which style we want or prefer. Once it's a custom design, things change. People may not like this or that, then come the issues and delays.

The fact that it's a factory reproduction kit makes it easy for us not to debate over which design is nicer etc...Factory design is already liked by just about everyone.

I'd like more participation on the topic. Vote if you can. Thanks.

Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:53 pm

Front bumper is a big yes! Mine is bad, the ST165 down the street is bad, quite a few members on here are bad and it's discontinued from Toyota. The rear is also discontinued so anything we can get reproduced is a good idea in my book.

Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:11 am

there are so many out there for sale, i say no.

Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:11 pm

I'd say yes, but only to the front bumper, cuz it's the most commonly messed up part. the others are pretty easy to come by if you know where to look

Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:29 pm

+1 on the front bumper.. If there was one available right now, i'd be all over it.

Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:11 pm

Front bumper only...mines jacked up but exterior is last 8) And you might get interested 162 guys, but I'd assume they would want a full kit.

Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:31 pm

stock reproduction might be worth it, depending on the final price.

I've been dreaming about a stock looking wrap around for ages though...just like stock but with the widebody pieces and bumper cover as one piece.

Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:14 pm

I would prefer the aeroform kit (think thats who made it). But cost is understood and the factory parts get beat.

Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:44 am

I would say yes to a front bumper at least that would allow nice airflow for a fmic like the CS 185.


Sat Sep 05, 2009 5:03 pm

Front bumper for sure, but maybe with a more agressive diffuser

Sat Sep 05, 2009 5:30 pm

Front Bumper FTW

Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:40 pm

I'm working on producing the front bumper cover......
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