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Visual Styling, Spoilers, and rims
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Re: ST165 Rear Spoiler Decals and JDM Door Decals

Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:41 am

I would like a set also! i will be repainting my st165 and I was panicking as to what to do about the decals.
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Re: ST165 Rear Spoiler Decals and JDM Door Decals

Sun Nov 13, 2016 4:26 pm

Not sure, if those Decals are still being made, but I would need an all-trac set :)

Re: ST165 Rear Spoiler Decals and JDM Door Decals

Tue Nov 15, 2016 1:46 am

I have been looking for the rear stickers for my ST165 for a while now. I have search the all over the world. I have even made enquirers blog on here.

I found a seller on EBay UK that lead me to a site in Canada only to find out that they sell them but don't make them.
After sending them pictures and details - no reply. When I went onto EBay Canada I found a seller in Malaysia who makes
decals and could make them. I contacted him, sent pictures dimensions etc. He gave me a price of $58.00 USD delivered.
I gave him the go ahead and paid him via PayPal. I never heard from him again. Nor did he collect the money from PayPal.

Now I have a guy in Bulgaria making the stickers for me. Cost is $79.00 USD delivered to my door. They will be made from Orafol (Europe) Oracal 551
He is a Ebay trader called Endworks205 (and yes he owns a 205). That price is for the rear stickers - GT4 CElica Toyota and he is also making a decal of the Toyota badge (to go on my 205 intercooler) included in that price.

Another company to try is James Dean Creations in Tucsan AZ. (his name is James) They make all kinds of stickers including discontinued Toyota Stickers. What he needs is a copy of that rubbing to make them. You can find him on the web or on Facebook. (james@jamesdeancreations.com) He will ship them anywhere, even as far as Australia.
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