front fenders and bumper how do you remove

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front fenders and bumper how do you remove

Postby mr2_dori » Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:58 am

is there a write up or something to show me how to do this. its my first time on the car. i have a 92 alltrac.
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Re: front fenders and bumper how do you remove

Postby Corey » Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:08 am

I'll try to describe the bumper removal. you can also try searching I'm seem to recall a write up there with pictures describing how to install an RC bumper.

Start by removing the corner lights, faux CF trim and plastic cooling panel.

With those removed, you will now have access to a number of bolts which support and secure the bumpercover along the top and corners.

Under the car, remove the engine undercover panels.

Looking up from under the car, you should be able to see where the plastic bumper cover secures to the bottom of the black steel crash bar. It's secured there with a handful of stubbern screw type clips with a long metal strip running the length of the bumper. Remove these screw/clip things.

While under the car, there should be two bolts, one on each corner, which secure the bottom corners of the cover to the fenders. Remove those.

Now, If I remember correctly, that should be all that secure the bumper cover on. Now you have to use some brute force to Pop the cover off.

The cover is press fit into brackets on each fender. Start on one side of the bumper, grabbing the top and bottom corners. Firmly pull outward perpendicular to the fender (ie, not toward the front of the car.) This should pop the cover out of the strip of brackets holding it to the fender.

Repeat on the other side. You may want someone to help hold up one side of the cover while doing this, its surprisingly heavy and may flex and bend as it comes lose.

Hope that helps. Hopefully someone has a write up stashed away.
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Re: front fenders and bumper how do you remove

Postby Awesome-Trac » Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:34 am

i think there is a right on here on how to remove the front just trying to remember where but i know there is one and it had pics
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