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1994+ rocker panels

PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:06 pm
by DeftonesKCMO
So i am in need of replacement rocker panels for a 1992 all trac. Now in the u.s.a. they are discontinued. Most 1990-93 cars ive found local are rusted just as bad. However i have located several 1994 st205 (non alltrac) cars with good rockers for cheap. Has anyone ever compaired these two or have both body styles to see if the rockers are close enough to use as patch panels? Id think the 1994+ with its bigger rear flare may fit better than a non gts/alltrac 1990-93. I mean it cant be that different can it? Same wheelbase and inner chassis right? Either way i could allways fabricate all the parts but good donor parts are ideal. Any info on this would help me tons.

P.s. Thanks everyone. Im am a new alltrac owner and look forward to sharing my a.s.e. trained knowledge , get all your alltrac specific info, and save an all trac from the rust monster. Look forward to sharing knowledge with you guys!!!