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Mon Jun 11, 2007 10:52 am

theUNYTEDone wrote:wow. so they've cleaned up their act as far as the one year wait of old goes?

Yes, but they don't wish to deal with the general public. (direct sales)

RedCelicaTRD wrote:So how did you order it? Did you call them up and say I want the pain in the ass hood for the 90-93 Celica? Kinda sucks they dont list it on their website.

I called them on the phone. :)

Their website is being redesigned. Other than that- I have no idea.
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Mon Jun 11, 2007 2:39 pm

If they don't want to deal with the public then how about if 935 deals with us for them? I wonder if that would work out better.

I take it they simply want to do business to business transactions.

Mon Jun 11, 2007 5:19 pm

I dont know if Rob is willing to pay for 10 hoods if there aren't 10 buyers with cash in hand.. He's not big on holding parts in inventory with no buyers..

Mon Jun 11, 2007 6:57 pm

I read their dealer application and they have a jobber status where the dealer can purchase one at a time. I wonder if they would have issues with him doing that?

Tue Jul 03, 2007 6:44 pm

so yeah im about to sell my shitbox 89 integra for $700 guess wht i want to spend it on :)

any progress on a group buy or any sort of better pricing at all?
it seems like single people arent having much trouble getting a hood right?
but if it could be less than 700 id be happy as a little girl, oh and my mom wants to give me $300 towards it too so theres my shipping covered and enuff left over to get her detailed :)... the alltrac not my mom

Tue Jul 03, 2007 7:34 pm

If someone wants to step up and purchase 10 or more hoods, there is a discount.

Otherwise they are full price.

I wouldn't bother with it as the profit is not there. It's a big investment for little to no return.

If you want one I would just call and see if they will sell you one.

I believe I may have purchased the last one they had on hand. :) :evil:

Tue Jul 03, 2007 8:44 pm

how much is the discount?

Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:06 pm

illGT4 wrote:If someone wants to step up and purchase 10 or more hoods, there is a discount.

Otherwise they are full price.

But how do you go about ordering one if they don't deal with the direct public? I don't mind paying full price, I just want to order one.

Tue Jul 03, 2007 11:36 pm

I got more of a "didn't want to" than a "won't do it".

Pick up the phone or shoot them an email. :shrug: I'm not sure if anyone is currently distributing that item.. but may as well just order from the maker if possible. Can't hurt to ask.

Tue Jul 03, 2007 11:44 pm

Seems like there are a lot of people in this thread alone that would buy one at full price. How many people are going to throw in $700 and wait patiently for 4-8 weeks though?

Maybe someone create a new "list" of FULL DEPOSIT" names and see how many you could really get. A speedy group buy/ kitty. Perhaps someone would step up and take control of it.

It's certainly worth the $700. I was told they have no problem drop shipping from them to the purchaser. So that cuts out extra shipping cost.

Fri Aug 17, 2007 4:29 pm

if it winds up being possible to group buy with half up front, i would be in.

i can't divvy out 900 bucks though...but i'll have more money in a month or so...

Fri Aug 17, 2007 4:35 pm

im down for a group buy i just got an insurance settlement!
lets get this hood buy going woot

Fri Aug 17, 2007 7:30 pm

Toxygene wrote:I still say, that we need to drum up interest with those who drive regular Celica GTS's and such. Someone ought to feel out a few other Celica forums.

Like me! :D

Tue Oct 16, 2007 5:45 am

personally this is the only carbon fiber hood i would consider buying. It is the only accurate looking CF hood I've seen. but i agree, we should round up all the 5th gen guys as this hood should fit all 5th gens.

Wed Oct 17, 2007 3:03 pm

Should we start another thread since Griffin is probably getting bombarded with post replies? I for one would like one.
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