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MR2 Meet at Washington Square

Postby EasternBandit » Fri Jul 25, 2008 4:13 pm

Taken from:
The car site is set--we'll be using the parking lot next to the Sears Auto Center at Washington Square. We're getting close--a little over a month. We now have over 20 paid registrations. Awards are done. Registrations are due by July 18th. The Friday late afternoon BBQ will be held at Metzger Park (8400 SW Hemlock) near the Phoenix Inn. KO Racing has generously agreed to host a BBQ on Saturday night at the shop in Oregon City.

**HOTEL REGISTRATIONS must be done within the next 12 days--our discount rate ends July 1st but could be extended IF rooms are still available. HOWEVER, the plan is to hold the BBQ in the courtyard on Friday but it makes it difficult to plan if no one has booked--PLEASE book if you plan on coming from out of the area (and let me know).

Thanks--looking forward to seeing everyone.

See below for PayPal payment option. See the list below for paid reigistrants. THANKS.[/B]

We now have an on-line method of paying for your registration courtesy of KO Racing. If you'd like to pay through PayPal, login to PayPal and use this email address: KO Racing will also be awarding a special sponsor's award. We may have the opportunity to dyno cars--this will be an additional charge--more info to come later.

If you do register on-line please cut and paste the following when you make your payment so we can get your information. You can also send a check or money order to me directly at: B. Warner, 8025 SW Elmwood St., Portland OR 97223.

Name(s) of those attending:
Friday BBQ choices: burger/veggie burger or hot dog/tofu dog, soda choice: cola, lemon-lime or rootbeer
Mailing address:
Email address:

REGISTRATION FEE/DEADLINE: Registration is $10 plus $2.50 for each additional BBQ ticket. DEADLINE to register is Monday, July 21st. We need lead time to determine food needs and purchase raffle prizes.
Full refunds are available until the end of June. From July 1st to July 15th we can offer a 50% refund. No refunds after July 15th.


trforfun (host) PAID
VorlonZ (co-host) PAID
Daryl Pelletier PAID
Ian Twitchell PAID
Matt94MR2 PAID
MacsToy PAID
Terry Meyer PAID
Darly Pelletier PAID
Dana Jensen PAID
Eric Langford PAID
Ian Twitchell PAID
Rashan (Barada) PAID
Benn Fussner PAID
CruisinCO PAID
Geo Petricek PAID
Bruce Fogerty PAID
Kris Osheim (KO Racing) PAID
Hilario Cruz (PAID)
Tim Wimmer (PAID)
Josh Anderson (PAID)
Ben Grewell (PAID)
Casey Martin (PAID)
Leng Xiong (PAID)


UPDATES: The Friday BBQ will be held at Metzger Park (8400 SW Hemlock) near the Phoenix Inn. KO Racing has generously agreed to host a Saturday night BBQ at the shop in Oregon City.
Awards for the best (as voted by you) MkI, MkII and Spyder will be announced at the end of the car show. The best car overall will be announced at the dinner (as long as we get a large majority of the participating people to attend). I have received several registrations and I would encourage you to send your's in if you plan on attending. This will help as far as ordering awards, signs and planning food for the BBQ.

Hotel Information
The Phoenix Inn is located at 9575 SW Locust, Tigard OR (503) 624-9000. We have 10 rooms at the group rate secured until 30 days prior to the event. I think we will need more rooms so if you're serious about going make your reservations as soon as possible--once these rooms are filled more rooms will become available but if we wait too long we risk losing the opportunity to secure more rooms at the group rate ($129 instead of $149).

BBQ Information
The BBQ will include either a hamburger or hot dog (let me know if you want a vegie-burger or tofu dog), condiments, potato salad, chips, cookies and a soda (cola, sprite or root beer).

When you send in your registration, please include the following:
Names of those attending
Mailing address
Email address (for confirmation and updates)
Model/year of your car
Choices for the BBQ (burger or dog, kind of soda)
$10.00 (which includes one BBQ ticket) plus $2.50 for each additional BBQ ticket. Make checks payable to Bruce Warner. You can also send a money order or cashier's check.

We will be staying at the Phoenix Inn in Tigard (next to Washington Square and adjacent to Portland). The dates are set--Sat./Sun. July 26th/27th. I would expect people will want to book Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th.

I looked at rooms and they are large and very nice. If guys want to share a room they have rooms with 2 double beds, seating, TV, microwave, coffee machine, etc. Group rate for us is $129/night (usually $149) so if two share it is pretty economical. If you call to book, tell them you are part of the "Twos Cruise Portland" event to get the group rate.

We will be able to use this group rate up until 30-45 days before the event as long as rooms are available. This rate includes a fully cooked breakfast (belgian waffles, eggs, tortillas, cinnamon rolls, fruit, juices, coffee, etc.)

We will have a Friday late afternoon BBQ in the center courtyard. Food and soft drinks will be provided (as part of the registration fee). Please--NO ALCOHOL can be consumed in the courtyard or the pool area.

There will be awards for each category (MkI, MkII, Spyder) as well as best overall as chosen by the participants. We will have a country drive on Saturday and possibly a visit to one or more of the Performance Shops that cater to MR2s in the area.

Registration will be $10.00 per car (and one person) which will include a sign for each car, a BBQ ticket, a raffle ticket, awards and maybe more depending on sponsor participation. Extra BBQ tickets (for cars that have more than one person) are $2.50 each.

The car show on Saturday will be held at the Sears Auto Center at Washington Square. Show hours will be from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. At that time we'll announce the winners and then go on a drive (if you care to join us) or do whatever you'd like. We will have a restaurant picked out for a group dinner in the next few weeks.

If you plan on attending, please send your registration fee along with your name, address, make, model, year and any info you'd like to share about your car. I will create a data base of attendees. When you check in on Friday (or Saturday depending on your plans) you will get a registration packet with your car sign, tickets, etc.

Send your registration to: B. Warner 8025 SW Elmwood St. Portland OR 97223

If you know an MR2 vendor who wants to take part or have any questions, please contact me. I hope we can get a great turnout and make this an annual event.

**** **** **** **** **** ****
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