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Downpipe hitting radiator

PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:42 am
by knowitall
I recently purchased an all trac that had the drivetrain totally gutted. My buddy and I piut the motor, transfer case and trans back in it then towed it to my house. The problem I am having is trying to fit the downpipe. It hits the radiator and I cannot get the holes lined up so I could bolt it to the turbo. Could any of my parts like my manifold and turbo elbow be from an MR2 and causing this issue? I have 2 different cats and neither one fits without contacting the radiator. I am pretty sure by looking at pictures one of tje cats is from an MR2 and , the smaller one, is from an all trac.

How far away from the radiator do your exhausts sit? Any info would be helpful. I can add pics if needed.

Re: Downpipe hitting radiator

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:45 pm
by 3s_woob
Welcome and congrats on your purchase. What model did you get? what dp do you have, OEM or aftermarket? what about at the other components(manifold, turbo, and radiator) are they OEM or aftermarket? posting pics with help alot as well.

Kind of throwing this out there but are all the motor mounts in and installed correctly? I'm wondering if the motor is tilted back to where the down pipe sticks out instead of down.

Also where are you located?