Gauging So-Cal All Toyota Meet

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Gauging So-Cal All Toyota Meet

Postby CelicaGirlGT4 » Fri Dec 03, 2004 2:55 am

Hey yall!
Im from Seattle, WA and was just hoping i could get some help by some peopel in the So-Cal to help me out with planning an All Toyota meet for sometime in June hopefully. This all toyota meet would include Toyotas, Lexus and Scions. I am hoping to get atleast (keyword is atleast) 50 cars. This will be the first year so i am not looking to get a track day set up yet. But rather a huge meet and greet - possibly a bbq. But unfortunetly i dont know the area down there and ive been trying to find import events but the ones i find seem to be in July/August or October. July/August is out cuz all the big car shows are happening up in Seattle around that time and October seems to be out now cuz people have school.

If anyone would like to give me some feed back or help me out that would be greatly appreciated. If you have ideas or would be interested in promoting this event please let me know and email me at

Also please post up or email me just to let me know if u would be interested in attending a meet like this

Im hoping to promote this event to Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona

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