1990 Corolla All Trac F/S Phx AZ

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1990 Corolla All Trac F/S Phx AZ

Postby IrishMick » Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:05 am

Hello friends!

It is with a sad, hung head that I have to part from my ol' faithful "Tink". I'm located in the Northern part of Phoenix AZ and I figured I would see if anybody in the valley has any need for a parts car. But before you say "here" and throw me your number, let me enumerate the problems at hand.

Specs that come to head right now:
Yota, Corolla, 1990
5 speed manual
4A-FE 1.6 4 Cyl
All Trac, Locking Diff... Blah blah blah preaching to the choir!

Problems are as theses, exhaust manifold leak (slight but there), a possible intake manifold leak (either bad gasket or face needs machine work) and a bad egr system on the engine. The head has been rebuilt once (mechanic failed) so I replaced the head, twice (burn the valves on the first one, because I forgot to torque intake) and has been running solid up until now. Before you say "just replace the engine", let me tell you the death omen waiting for the poor old girl. The rear right bearing is going out on the axle and is making a hideous sound and with parts being limited..... :bangshead: ..... There is very little I can do with fixing the girl now. :shrug: I am at a loss to what I should do and have come to the conclusion that I want to try to reach a fellow all trac lover, looking for a parts car.

Let me share the good; Clutch is newer, only about 12,000 on it or maybe less. The bottom end of the engine is solid, timing belt and water pump were replaced only weeks before the clutch. Oh both new master and slave cylinders because I thought that was my problem when the clutch went. Shell is straight (needs paint and has some dings), breaks are almost brand new, if it matters a tow hitch lol. Suspension is stock and solid. The body has about 196k miles on her, lower end same number of miles, top end has about 24,000 miles.

If you are interested or have any questions email me directly at alceloco@gmail.com, ask for Jim.

I will just re-say this; I rather have a Toyota/All Trac lover use this car as a parts car or project car rather than sell it to a wrecking or salvage yard... I'm sad, but at the same time can't deal with her issues. I am not looking for much, at all so if you know anybody in Phoenix or close buy who could use this, just send an offer! OR I'm looking to ultimately build up a MR2, so if you have a shell or parts, I could consider a trade. ;)

Cheers and props to the forum! Always read it to help me out with my car, just sad that this is my first post...
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