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Toyota Meet July 13th Food thread and Roll Call

PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:51 pm
by Huaraches
Alright guys what we all been waiting for the food thread and roll call.
Due to the park there not having grills if we can have someone volunteer and bring a grill thanks.

Ill be putting down people with their screen name, food item, vehicle or vehicles. also a status if they are pending for attending with a * lol . If ive made any mistake please let me know. also ill update in a few days after i gather more info that way there's not the same post again and again lol.

1.Huaraches-AW11 and ST184(maybe)-Meat
2.123 crazy-ST184
3.$id17-ST184-Hot dogs
4.garrisonboobs- 5th gen celi
7.Exel-5th gen celi
10.Dojaguy-7th gen celi
12.Jose-Scion TC*
13.Rolando-Scion TC*
14.Toyota Kid-Mk3 supra
16.rmjdrift-Mk3 supra *
19.X_x_Syphic_x_X-7th gen celi
20.Lucian-7th gen celi*
22.Oo DaRk StAr oO-C5 Corvette
23.310celicagt2003-7th gen celi
24.jin602_05-7th gen celi
25.Karlos.z-7th gen celi
27.bluhawk-7th gen celi
28.Ghost Dragon-7th gen celi
29.Kore971-7th gen celi

for those who just responded to the toll i dont have a name but ill tally up the numbers.(for those forums that had toll polls) also not including my self in the polls

Supra Forum- 2x mk3 3x mk4
Toyotacelicas- 5x 5th gen 1x 7th gen
Mr2- 1x Mk1 1x Mk2
Toyota Nation-

HERE IS ALSO THE LINKS FOR EVERY THREAD ... -July-13th ... -13th.html ... -13th.html ... st30226336

viewtopic.php?f=26&t=47200&p=444300#p444300 ... -13th.html

Re: Toyota Meet July 13th Food thread and Roll Call

PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:25 pm
by Huaraches

we have a grill down just need food lol