paintball stuff for sale

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paintball stuff for sale

Postby Mafix » Sun Apr 06, 2008 7:04 pm

i figure this is a good place to post this.
all my paintball stuff and i do mean all.
you will get 2 loader harnesses
1 114 carbon tank
several co2 tanks
1 remote line system
a dozen or so loaders
my rare empire 11 peice barrel kit
1 tippmann 98c fully upgraded with a firing rate of 18rps at 290fps
1 tippmann 98m sniper setup with flatline barrel and adjustable spring kit
2 shark single shot rifles
1 10 round pistol
1 not working but all the parts are there pre 2k autoloader
1 or 2 more random guns
way way way to much to list
you will not be disappointed with this stuff and there is well over 2200 dollars in guns and parts
sell for 600 firm, free shipping in the 48 (little extra for canada)
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Postby Mafix » Mon Apr 14, 2008 11:32 pm

actual inventory, some items have changed, they simply will not fit in the box.
1 tippmann 98c fully upgraded with low pressure kit, oversized volumizer, venturi bolt, response kit, brushed housing, double trigger and gaurd, ams front reg and gauge, ect
1 tippmann 98m with flatline barrell kit and shroud, rear spring adjuster, sub zero expansion chamber
1 empire 98 11 piece barrell kit with swab
1 stock 98 barrell
2 shark pumps with mini air (1 working)
1 114 carbon fiber compressed air tank with crossfire reg and gauge
1 6 loader/1 tank harness
15 loaders
3 hoppers
1 halo b loader at 33 balls per second
1 goggle
1 remote line
2 random hats (1 robinhood style, really they are there as packing material)
1 pt extreme semi auto pistol with holder
7 co2 minis with bandolier
1 20oz co2 tank with on/off valve and cap
1 barrell plug
1 12 oz co2 tank
1 9 oz co2 tank
1 loose on/off valve

price is still 600 (if you really want the rest then we can arrange something but those other 2 guns don't work)
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Postby Mafix » Wed Apr 16, 2008 8:21 pm

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