24 Hours of LeMons

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24 Hours of LeMons

Postby flyinfatman » Tue Apr 29, 2008 12:51 pm

Yes thats right not Lemans but lemons see here for information.... http://www.24hoursoflemons.com/

No Budget Racing is looking for drivers that have more cash then brains. We will be competeing in Connecticut August 23-24 at Stafford Springs Raceway. You may ask what is this race you speak of... Short run down is you have 500 bucks max to buy a car and get it to the track, Safety equipment is not tallied in the total cost and the car has to have a fire extinguisher, a 6 point cage and a 5 point harness. The entry fees are 500 bucks for the car and 100 per driver. This team needs 2 more drivers at a minimum and up to 4 more at the max. so lets get to the part that scares most away.


I will be purchasing the 500 dollar crap box. Ive got my eye on a 1991 firebird with a 305 V8, a volkswagen VR6 passat, and a subie. this will cost you nothing but you will be responsible for a share of the safety equipment that goes in the car as well as your drivers fee the entry fee and the 50 buck waiver to race if you dont have a competition licence. this all runs out to be around 650 per driver for a four driver team. Not included in this price is the fire suit, helmet, nomex gloves and shoes required to drive. you will be responsible for obtaining these items before the race in august.

shoot me a PM if your interested. i have to get this thing rolling as it takes a while to ship a cage and prep the car. If you are indeed truely interested then i need you to pledge support and get a deposit out to me by sunday of next week. im looking for 300 bucks as a deposit.

are there any real car nuts left out there...

this will be posted in the NE section as i am in Suffern, NY. Close By? got time on your hands? got a little Money? Wanna Race? this is your chance.
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