Alltrac spotted in Portsmouth, NH Today (August 12th)

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Alltrac spotted in Portsmouth, NH Today (August 12th)

Postby WarTowels » Tue Aug 12, 2008 12:49 pm

Was driving to work, when I saw those distinctive headlights in my car on a white celica. It was raining and foggy out, and I just assumed it was a regular one as I have never seen any Alltrac's in New England. Especially not Portsmouth, where I work.

I was getting off on an exit when it passed me and I saw that glorious hood scoop. 8)

So I got out of the turning lane and back on the highway and followed it for a minute or so until the next exit.

It had 92 / 93 tails, and the license plate was something like "YHGT4".

I would have followed it more and flagged it down, but I had to get to work and I was already 1 exit past where the best route to work. :cry:

Is this anyone's?!

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