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90s black alltrac

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:14 pm
by esracing
i have to look at a alltrac celica at my friends body shop to see if it worth getting engaged there is another track in md that we didn't know about.

Re: 90s black alltrac

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:15 pm
by esracing
damb auto spell

Re: 90s black alltrac

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:45 pm
by BoostedBlueToyotas
Get the VIN. Maybe its easier tracking the dang things that way. When are you going to see it?

Re: 90s black alltrac

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:57 pm
by lumbercis
Hahaha! Sorry guys, not unknown! It's mine.

I took it in to Eric's buddy's shop ( to get the rust repair work done and his buddy offered to buy it! That was unexpected!

I'll give you the short's a total POS. :P

I bought it from PA with the rust damage with a view to restoring it. Has a clean title and didn't look to have been in any collisions. Also was bone stock when I got it although it had something like 215k on the clock (it's a '92 btw). Looked to be someone's daily driver. AC works, CC is there but doesn't work. Head unit replaced with a single-din from a 6th gen celica.

Since I got it I had the old engine taken out and replaced with a ST215 Caldina engine by Xceptional Auto in Fredericksburg. With the custom wiring harness done by "mr220v" on mr2oc (you can check his ratings in the feedback section). There's some buzzing in the cabin from the MSD tach adapter that was used during the swap as it was mounted behind the glovebox. The Clutch is an Exedy Twin Plate installed at the time of the swap and the trans is the E150f that came with the Caldina engine. Also has Speed Source poly engine mounts. You'll notice a ST205 gearbox in the trunk...the E150F unit is pretty ragged out so I decided to replace it at some point and got the ST205 unit. Just haven't gotten it out of my trunk yet. :)

You'll notice the speedometer and tach don't work. There's no funny business there... it turns out that ST215 manuals don't come with the required gear in the trans to turn the mechanical speed sensor. Another reason why I wanted to replace the trans with an ST205 unit. I'd guess it has about 230k on the chassis now?

Other than that the only thing I've done is replace the front strut inserts with some Koni Yellows (good idea) and the springs with some Megan 2" lowering springs (BAD idea!) :doh: I have a set of 92" stock springs I was going to put back on the car, as well as some KYB GR-2 inserts for the rear (once I do the strut conversion).

Pretty much the whole suspension needs to be freshened up. Inner and outer tie rods are bad, ball joints, strut tops, bushings need to be replaced. Probably needs subframe bushings and diff mount replaced. Lots of slop in the driveline. Suspension was basically the next thing on the list after the rust was fixed. So when you test drive it just don't expect it to not ride like total shit, especially with a hundred extra pounds of transmission in the trunk! :P

Feel free to redline the engine all you want though (it's on stock boost). It should be fine. As a matter of fact, I'd be willing to sell the chassis for almost nothing if you or Mark will remove the engine for me.

I honestly have no idea what something like this is worth as the parts are more valuable than the chassis! :lol:

Any questions feel free to ask!! Certainly nothing to hide with this car!


Re: 90s black alltrac

PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:48 pm
by esracing
I went to mark shop to see your car. you have a very big hole in the floor the body man is doing some very good work you will be very happy I am sure the cars gonna drive different a lot tighter. and that exhaust should help also but you need to get a cat back exhaust also that will give you a lot more power and do a downpipe or knocked out cat out

Re: 90s black alltrac

PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:13 am
by lumbercis
Haha, yeah, he sent me the pics of the floorpan... I knew about the hole but probably let it go a little too long. That rust moves fast!

Well aware of all the issues it has and what it needs. But Rome wasn't build in a day! I'm doing the midpipe first because there's a hole in the stock flex section so it makes the car sound terrible. It's not a power mod at this point but a "make James less embarrassed to drive the car around" mod. :P I'm having his exhaust guy give me an estimate for a cat back with a Burns Stainless 3" muffler I already have. But really my main goal is just to get it in a solid stockish configuration before worrying about any performance upgrades.

I'm sure the handling will also improve a lot with the rusted swaybar mounts getting fixed. Once the body work is done I plan on getting the suspension back in good shape. Inner and outer tie rods and ball joints are first on the list. Then need to think about going through all the bushings and doing the rear strut conversion so I can put in some inserts. I'm probably going back to stock springs as the megans I have in there now are too low for my taste.

But really the body work was the big hurdle I needed to get past. Once that's done it just needs a bit of suspension work to be back in fighting trim. I really need to move into someplace with garage though!!! Esp. for all the bushing replacement I need to do. I already have a full mario rear subframe and diff kit and plan on getting all new bushings for the suspension, but I don't have a garage where I can leave the car down for a few days while I do the work right now.

It's tough being a car enthusiast in the city! :smokes: