For Sale: 1988 AllTrac

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For Sale: 1988 AllTrac

Postby RossW » Mon Mar 21, 2005 10:57 pm

here's some info:
-1988 Celica AllTrac white with blue cloth interior
-have receipt for engine rebuild a few years ago
-currently has 145,3** miles on it
-all power options
-the following parts were replaced within the last 500 miles:
starter, battery, alternator, knock sensor (GM sensor with ATS adapter, the stock sensor will be included but the original wire to the ECU is dead), plugs, TPS, O2 sensor, rotor, cap, wires, exhaust tail section and mounts, exhaust midpipe, turbo oil lines ($212 special order part), turbo rebuilt ($380 for hone and oversized bearings), right front brake line, right front axle boots, windshield, climate control blower motor.

The good:
quite a bit of stuff already replaced
it runs decently
body looks ok from a distance
interior is in reasonable shape

The bad:
rear differential mount is shot
4th gear grinds a bit sometimes if you shift hard
some minor exhaust leaks
leaks oil (not bad, but leaves behind some spots on driveway)
needs passenger side window switch
sunroof panel rotted
body rusted but mostly hidden behind factory widebody (trying to be as honest as possible here)
quite a few scrapes and whatnot on bumpers

Why am I selling?
I purchased the car in MA as a project, I've poured over $2k into this car and today it failed emissions with HC of 624 at idle and 386 at cruise (220 is passing). My temp plate expires in two days and I have two MR2s sitting in my driveway that need my money and attention. Basically if it wasn't for the emissions test, I would be keeping this car, but I have run out of money and time. I am asking $2k for the car as it sits, I'll also toss in all the misc. parts I have lying around like the extra midpipe with a blown flexpipe, the factory knock sensor, and anything else I can find. I encourage you to come check the car out before you buy it so you are sure of what you're getting. Shoot me an e-mail or post here if you are interested.

<edit>I forgot to mention, I might also accept as a partial trade a late 80s or early 90s japanese car (toyota, honda, etc.) in good running order</edit>
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