Northeast Roll Call

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Postby gotno99 » Fri Oct 08, 2004 11:13 am

Manchester, CT ST165
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1988 Toyota Celica

Postby razorcloud » Thu Oct 14, 2004 6:46 pm

"Boogie Down" Bronx, NY

1991 ST185 (Black)
Bronx, NY
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Postby Bori » Thu Oct 14, 2004 8:32 pm

Da Ghetto Bronx :D Just Kiddin

Hey Elmer, Where you been? When you comin down to Jersey?
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Postby k_trac » Thu Oct 14, 2004 9:57 pm

Lowell, MA representin'

Great to see lots of alltrac friends not too far away. Still waiting for my ST205 clip or my money back from those bastards at fuel imports. If anyone wants to pay them a visit with me in Hopatcong NJ, I may go down there soon to throw some bows!
The Screamer - '90 Red Alltrac - ST205 swap, 3" MP, 3" catback, intake, spec III clutch - FOR SALE $7000
The Sipper - '92 VW Jetta EcoDiesel

You scratched my CD!!!
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Postby Wicked Toys » Sun Oct 17, 2004 9:50 pm

Welcome! Is that Alltrac_Jack's old car?

Sorry for the late response, All work no play at the moment. But nah I bought this great car from a guy named Tito in Bethlehem PA.[/quote]
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Wicked Toys
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Postby SnowDRiFT » Mon Oct 18, 2004 12:46 pm

yo keith, i told ya id be all over helping you get your money back. i havent seen ya online in a million years. PM me sometime and ill give ya my number and we can go get your money! rough them up a bit too if we feel like it.....
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Postby RIalltrac » Mon Oct 18, 2004 4:42 pm

Did someone say roughing up? I got some extra aggression to get out and a car that'll make it to NJ, sounds like a plan to me
Chris - 90 ST185
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Postby Bori » Mon Oct 18, 2004 7:16 pm

I'm 45 minutes from Hopotcong and i sure can use a way to release my stress.

I have my ass kicking boots in my closet just itchin for use.
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college park, md

Postby smoothray » Thu Oct 21, 2004 2:32 pm

ray - College Park, MD / ST185
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Postby Incubusrocks84 » Wed Nov 03, 2004 11:37 pm

Gilbertsville, PA

45 minutes northwest from philly.

representin PA, the swing state, lol..... yo yo bori keep it real

'93 GT - Daily beater (miss her dearly)

'92 Alltrac - Weekend warrior, aussie 3" dp and Midpipe,HKS SSQV,HKS EVC,20mm h&R spacers( Miss her more than ever)
'01 Toyota Tacama SR5 V6 TRD
'02 Triumph TT600
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Boston native, NYC Internatinal Auto show ?

Postby GMan » Thu Nov 04, 2004 1:19 pm

I am a native of boston, a few mods on a '92 ST185.

I would be interested in a 6 Flags meet.
I used to often drive down to NYC.
How about a meet up in NYC for the Interantional
Auto show in April ?

I should've made some of the NYC meets before. :-)
Close enough.

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Postby maximus_9_11 » Mon Nov 08, 2004 4:31 am

Harrisburg, Pa

signing in

1990 st185
hks fcd
3" stainless front to back
1000 watts x12 speakers
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Postby SuperSprynt » Tue Dec 07, 2004 7:53 pm

Westchester, NY & Danbury, CT (its a g/f thing)

I dont have an Alltrac but I have a 3s :|
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Postby 90grayalltrac » Wed Dec 08, 2004 12:39 pm

reading, pa

Postby CrazyAchmed » Wed Dec 08, 2004 1:06 pm

I don't own one yet, but seriously looking. Seems to be alot more reliable than my old Stealth and much cheaper on maintence.

Out of Southern MD. Down the street from Mafix.
06 Tundra SR5 TRD
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