Official April 1st - 2nd Tampa Meet Thread!

All the way to Sunny FL

Official April 1st - 2nd Tampa Meet Thread!

Postby Trance4c » Tue Feb 14, 2006 4:16 am

Ok you poop heads.. here is the page where I will update information, blah blah so we can all get corrdinated.

Jump in, sign up! We're going to all cruise down to Tampa saturday to help Nelson move into his new home! Then we're all gunna party down at his new crib to sack out for the night (we're working for our free nights stay, so bring some hands to help him move!). That night we're all going to cruise out to the beach with a bunch of the locals coming in for the event! Then sunday morning we'll all cruise over to the 3si gang (loads of 3000GT's, Supra's, etc) for the IRL race. I'll begin corrdination with them to let them know where coming as well.

I'm officially just calling this our own private pre-party the night before the race! So, celica peeps, those of us that know each other personally, this is for us!

Here is an image you all can put in your profile sigs as well if you are attending!

Here is the actual UBB code to place right into your signature file if you wish to use this image:
(note = just remove the *'s, they are there so it shows you the actual code)
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I was wondering if u could help me with a problem?

Postby Speedtechniknyc » Wed Apr 12, 2006 4:49 am

what's up man i own a 90 st184 and I am now finally ready to do the swap to my st184 I have the tranny,complete motor mounts wireharness but my problem is that i was told a while back that for me to do this swap that my current axles will not work with this swap. and not only that but that because my car come with the 4lug wheels that I need to swap my entire suspension as well to a 5lug setup to allow me to use the alltrac front axles? now I am not in no rush but would luv to beat up on some local hondas street racers and was wondering if u could help me out with the info i need to complete the swap? thanx Kev
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