New year meet?

All the way to Sunny FL

Postby Celi-GT4 » Sun Jan 07, 2007 11:59 pm

Got the car back from Japtrix, much more zippy and fun to drive. Rodger there would not push it past 16.5 psi with knock detection. (I need to hook it up) made 360AWHp ion his mustang dyno, only 285 ft/lbs(200ftlbs by 3700 rpm in 3rd. All on pump gas. Rodger thinks 19psi on pump will be fine. This is a conservative timing map.
I am happy as this is about 5 more at 6 psi lees then I made in Colorado on a simlar dyno. I want to run 21 psi though and I may have to run a blended race gas to do it. Digital 7 msd ignition was also installed making for a better idle and better drive as well as strong spark. Rodger and the crew at Japtrix are awsome. They loved the car, Rodger thinks he can push 430 out of here at 21 psi the way it is setup now. Good guy and fair priced. I told Pat that once I get it tuned for 21psi thatI am installing nitrous and want to race him. He was not amuzed, all biz. He said he would. I think If I went with a 60 wet I could get 500awhp. Might make for a fun moroso meet though.
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Postby 91sofla » Mon Jan 08, 2007 1:03 am

Awesome! Glad to hear everything turned out well for you. Nice numbers.
Maybe I'll look into that MSD ignition too.
Hehe, that would be a fun showdown with Pat if you got everything to it's potential.

I set up an appointment to have my tuned at the end of this month. Hope it goes as well as yours did.

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