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[FS] 1993 St-185 South Florida

PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:49 pm
by MetalliKAT97
As title states I have a 1993 Celica alltrac (St-185) for sale. Currently sitting in my garage in Homestead, Florida.

153,884 miles on the chassis (motor was rebuilt est: 45k miles on motor)

I'm selling the car as is. Currently the car will start but idles rough due to a boost leak. So having it shipped or towed would be best.

A/C System installed but not functioning. (I never really had a need to use it..even in fl lol)

I tried to keep the interior as nice as I could. (pictures included)

Please PM / email / call me with offers. Serious offers please. (looking for 4-5k obo)

Parts included:
- Spare Intercooler(s)
-550cc Injectors

-ATS modified fuel pressure regulator
- ATS camgears (installed)
- 264 intake/exhaust HKS camshafts (installed)
- 3in turboback exhaust custom (installed)
-17in. Oz wheels (installed)
- Eagle Rods (installed)
-ARP Headstuds (installed)
- SAFC II (installed)
- top mount inter-cooler fan
- A/c Drier

Pictures up to date as of 6-11-2009 ... or%20SALE/

Contact me through Aim/ Msn / email or cell phone
Aim: Ducatichick996
cell : 305-431-8451

Re: [FS] 1993 St-185 South Florida

PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2010 1:13 am
by Soup84
PM sent