Kiwi Coming To Miami - Help Needed

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Kiwi Coming To Miami - Help Needed

Postby xs1v » Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:48 pm

Hi all

Right, I am finally coming to the US for work so want to get these parts sorted while I am there. Heading to Miami so need to find parts locally I can remove and package for the trip back to NZ. This has been years in the making and am really hoping someone can help me out. Parts are for my WRC TTE Rally NZ 1994 replica which has been in progress for a long while. All parts are generic to the gen 5 so can be from non alltrac's also.

Parts needed:
Dash board
Instrument cluster surround
Steering rack minus tie rods
Steering rack firewall mount panel
Wiper motor
Wiper mechanism
Wiper arms
Wiper cowl

Probably some other small bits I have forgotten but any help is appreciated. Getting bits from a parts place is an option and need some guidance, assume I will be staying near the airport. Will be coming in the next 6 weeks, awaiting on date confirmation, let me know any help you can offer :)

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