HELP!! 3 Problems wST205 JDM Engine installed to US 91 ST185

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HELP!! 3 Problems wST205 JDM Engine installed to US 91 ST185

Postby marsfm » Thu Dec 22, 2005 11:20 am

I'm a newbie to this forum--have owned my 1991 US ST185 red since 1999, car has 160k miles, JDM ST205 engine has 40k miles...I live in Mission Viejo, CA, car is in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition except for the following problems (the guy who did the engine swap disappeared and no one wants to touch my car now since it is non-US spec!!)

Please help me with the following 3 engine swap issues:
1) My Auto Climate Control & Air Conditioner switches are incompatible, so I now have no AC (worked great for entire life of car prior to swap)
2) Need source for parts to connect Liquid Cooled Intercooler (missing hoses, etc)
3) Need someone to help me with CA smog check, due now (reg expired on Dec 8th, 2005)

Any recommended SoCal "experts" familiar with ST185/205 swaps and future performance mods??


PS--Plan to show up at the Irvine Meet Jan 15th!!
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