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Postby MetalliKAT97 » Tue Feb 28, 2006 1:01 am

You can't really compare our cars to a rex or even an Evo. There are big technological differences between each one and we got the short end of the stick. For one...look how old our cars are and how worn down most are. Compared to a shiny new Scooby or even a damn Evo. They have advances we dont and they have features we would dream of.....for instance the cooling methods of the STi and the diff advances of the Evo. We can only dream of and spend tons of $$$ to do. Granted we are all AWD and all these cars we are kind of in the same category as far as general ideas of cars. But performance wise we have been left in the dust and are left with spending tons of cash to even keep up. But then again the good thing about it all is.

1.Take the amount of $ you spend on the car
2. The $ for maintenance
3. $ for mods.

and we still have spent less money than those WRX /Evo owners.....and are now better,stonger,faster....

the downside to the good side would be...all these guys would have to do is spend a lil more cash to blow us out of the water again.

But thats why the battle continues :wink:

Its still kinda unfair to judge all 3 cars on the same level. Big time gap to fill which we cant take the slack for..... :oops:

with all the bad talk I would still take the AT over either one of those cars...been in an Evo and in a Rex and its come down to:

-I dont like 4 doors at all
-The Evo is too square and the Rex is just plaing ugly sometimes
-My pockets would hate me for the purchase or either of those 2
-I've alway enjoyed a strong reliable toyota compared to the DSM's cousin and a car thats known rfom a company that used to be known for crappy trannys.
-Everyone and their mother owns an Evo or a Rex how many can say they own an Alltrac or for the special guys in the states and the guys on the other side of the country...a GT4
-Yes you get the stares with other cars but you don't get the drools,comments,photo ops,Random Purchase offers from enthusiast as you would with the AT.
-You wouldnt be able to say you own a rare car that only a few hundred were made as compared to a common car where a few thousand are made and a few thousand more are rolling out of the assembly line.

I can name so many more reasons (id be here all night namin reasons)why I would rather have my AT....but heres one more that should take the cake.

Just the fact that Evo and WRX owners compliment YOUR car before they say anything about theirs. :wink:
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