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Postby gt4tified » Sun Nov 05, 2006 6:30 pm

Denver_whiteST185 wrote:If you plan on keeping your turbo, get an aussie for a 165. if you plan on swapping it to ST185 turbo or a CT20b, then wait, and get an aussie pipe when you get the turbo...

Don't get SSAC. its not worth saving the $100. ive heard of them not fitting, cracking, making the wastgate flapper stick. if you ever have to buy another SSAC, then you'll be spending almost enough to have justified buying the aussie in the first place.

BTW, has aussie's in stock...

Denver_whiteST185, I don't think its fair that you flame a manufacturer's product based on what you heard. If you personally know of a product defecting that's fine but unless you've tried and tested stuff, I see your post as discouraging sales without due cause.

I really appreciate the flames, don't get me wrong (as I am right now deciding on buying an SSAC dp) but I'd rather get discouraged by 1st hand experience. Thanks.
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Postby toayoztan » Sun Nov 05, 2006 7:33 pm

With my first hand experience, they are great. No cracking issues thus far. The only problem i did have was the WG flapper. It wasn't that it was getting stuck, but it kept hitting against the flange/gasket. So i had to dremmel it down slightly, but now it works just perfectly fine. It was only causing me a slight slight slight boost creep though (probably not enough to matter for some).

Otherwise, they aren't 100 dollars less than Aussie. Try more about 200-250 dollars less than Aussie. You can find them on ebay now for 75+ shipping, and it's also SS for those that care.

Hey, it's a good upgrade for me. I plan on bigger power in the future and getting an Aussie would be a waste for me. Especially since this XSPower is still holding up just fine. And if it cracks, I can buy 3 more of these downpipes before even hitting the Aussie mark in costs. And i personally don't mind doing the work to changing them out. I say if you are on a budget and want a downpipe, go for it. If you can afford the Aussie and know you aren't going to change turbos, then go for Aussie (I personally still wouldn't even if i was going to keep the turbo though).

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