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Postby RyDaGriff » Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:53 am

I used to be a member here over ten years ago now and after being away from the Alltrac/Celica for a few years I'm thinking about getting back into it now that I'm in a more capable place. I've also built 2 n/a to 3sgte ST182's, a 1991 MR2 n/a to 3sgte swap and last but not least, a 1990 Alltrac. The Alltrac was salvaged from a 1993 GTS. I've owned 4 5th Gen Celicas and pretty much know them inside and out so I'm also here to help people with questions and thoughts. I am considering buying a new Alltrac this coming summer (2012). Looking for a Black or Teal 1992 or 1993. Glad to be back!!!
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1993 Celica GT-S (Parts car for All-Trac) Junked.
1992 Celica GT-S Swapped RC 3S-GTE. Junked.
1993 Celica GT Swapped JDM 3S-GTE. Sold.
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