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New from NH

Postby Josiah » Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:13 am

Just bought a 165 that needs a ton of work. I have a supra thats under the knife but couldnt pass up scooping this thing up. New Hampshire knows how to make a car crusty so ive got alot of welding to do. The previous owner tried his hand at tuning this thing but he shouldnt have touched it because its making twice the work for me. It has 550 injectors and a turbonetics 57trim ct26 that im rebuilding at the moment. the engine was "rebuilt" but thats never the case. found some what look to be, knock sensors, just hanging out out back zip tied and theres several vacuum lines disconnected. Found someone selling an hks fcon unit on here which i might scoop up. Anyone have any luck running those for a bit?
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